Saving energy in occupied buildings

Energy is the key controllable operating cost in any building, and goes hand in hand with comfort levels and maintenance costs. We have the expertise and experience to help lower your overheads and improve efficiency – often through straightforward measures that will deliver immediate results.

Take controls for example. This is an area where considerable cost savings can be made without significant investment. We offer a range of consultancy services which cover all aspects of energy management, including:

Energy and Sustainability Surveys
It’s a simple idea really, if you reduce consumption, you reduce energy bills. Following an in-depth audit, we’ll put together a report to recommend particular changes to systems, plant, maintenance and tenant behaviour. The cost savings are certainly worth it; we find that clients can achieve between 15 and 20%.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
EPCs have become the main criterion upon which properties are judged for their value, eligibility for Government grants and compliance. We will support you through the process and provide the certificate.